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Since the beginning of my sexual journey, I loved to create characters and stories to spice things up. I find it mentally extremely stimulating. My favorites are: demons/religious, teacher/student, nurse/medical, fantasy/magic and cosplay with known characters.

My limits: DDLG, age play, age regression, violent CNC, specific incest roleplay (parents-child) 

The list of cosplays and costumes I own are listed on the FAQ page.

Domination and submission

I am a SWITCH. This role in the BDSM jargon means I can take the role of a Dominatrix as I can be submissive depending on my mood and partner. Bisexual, switch... I do swing both ways in all aspects of my sexuality!

Ask me privately if I offer a service not mentioned below. YMMV, I might refuse or allow services depending on my comfort with you. The kinder you are, the more you get with me.

r: receiving g: giving

Sensory deprivation (r/g), spanking (g), roleplay (r/g), dirty talk (r/g), orders (r/g), golden shower (g), electric play (r/g), fire play (g), cbt (g), pegging (g), spit (g/r), humiliation (g), cof (r), cim (r) foot fetish (r), greek (r/g)

Being called fat or ugly, any racial roleplay, any incest play, any blood play, any scat play, any rainbow play. BBFS (r/g),  pain (r), hair pulling (r), any slap on the face, markings, branding, breath play (r)

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Some of you might be confused about what service would be preferable for their preferred activities. Your experience will depends on my ease so I do not want to promised any specific activity right away. What I can say, is that I like rough sex but not rough sessions. This means that my consent and comfort are the upmost important things for me. I prefer to not be traumatized by you, what do you know! 

Therefore, I need to prepare myself for sessions that would demand more energy. This is what you are paying for, my mental preparation before the meeting. For any thing that feels pornographic ex: spit, boob jobs, 69. CIM, COF, greek, DP... you would like to do with me, this would fall under the PSE rate. Same thing with any fetish or BDSM spice you'd like to add to our session. 

It is not possible to mix PSE and GFE rates for short sessions (less than 3 hours). For longer sessions, please contact me.

Duos and group sex

I love it! I have some favorites when it comes to my colleagues. I do not work with everyone as I try to keep a certain level of quality and chemistry when adding a third or a fourth to our adventure. Please contact me and ask before suggesting my name to your provider. 

My duo partners (f):

Camille Haring

Milena Laska

Leda Haze

Julia Sky

My duo partner (m): 

Lucius Sparkles

I am available for your parties, orgies and bachelor parties. Please contact me for the price.

I would love to be your +1 at an event, be your wing-woman and help you score at a bar or during a vacation. I am an excellent chick magnet, just saying ;)

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