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  • Parles-tu français? Pourquoi ton site est en anglais?
    Coucou! J'ai décidé de rédiger mon site web en anglais car la majorité de ma clientèle est constitutée de touristes américains ou d'ailleurs au Canada. Le français est ma langue maternelle et il me fera plaisir de répondre à tes questions si tu ne comprends pas une phrase écrite ici :)
  • Where is your incall space located?
    I host in a lovely clean and cute condo near Berri UQAM metro station. I will give you the exact address once our appointment is confirmed. I'm sure you understand why I wouldn't put my address on my website for everyone to see ;)
  • I am not staying downtown, I am staying in XYZ neighborhood in Montreal, will you still travel to me?
    It depends! I might ask for an extra for my traveling time and gas. I will not go somewhere that is more than 30 minutes from me unless it is a FMTY so at least 4 hours of booking to make it worth my while.
  • Why would a woman or non-binary person hire you?
    For lots of reasons! My non-men clients usually want to experience a sexuality that is pressure-free, where they don't need to perform and can focus uniquely on their own pleasure. Some of them want to heal from bad sexual experiences, want affection without being scared to call it quit or just explore activities their partner are not comfortable doing. I also see couples!
  • Can we do duos?
    Yes! I play with a select few of my colleagues that I trust will show you the same care and excellent experience I would. I am also open to join you and your favorite companion, I however need to know their identity ahead of time so I can speak to them in private prior to our arrangements. I have a male partner for MMF. We will always match the higher of both rates so it is equal.
  • It's my first time with an escort or I am literally a virgin. Help!
    Oh love, I pride myself in making my clients the most at ease I can during our time together. My only desire is that you are comfortable and filled with love and confidence when you leave my embrace. We will go at your own rhythm, I can lead you gently and I totally understand how stressful this experience can be for a first-timer. Remember that you do not need to perform, I will not judge you and I only want you to be respectful, that's your only job!
  • I have this very precise scenario in mind... can I share it before our session?
    You should! I do not like talking precise sexual actions by e-mail for safety reasons (yours, mostly!!) but for kinks, I might as well tell you ahead of time if I'm the right companion for your fantasies. Be sure to look at the BDSM section of my website, under rates, where you can peek at my limits and favorite activities. I do not enjoy precise scenario that are step by step and where I feel like following a script more than being in the present. Please let me be myself, this will favor the best experience I can provide.
  • What dungeon do you rent?
    I can rent the Opalace, in south downtown Montreal.
  • Can a BDSM workshop be... not touchy?
    Yes! I can do bachelor or bachelorette parties where I show you different toys, paddles, bondage tricks, without it being sexual. Consent is always mandatory, there will never be a time I will force you to do anything no matter what package or session you want to do with me. The only thing that is a MUST is respect.
  • What costumes do you own for roleplay?
    Ok, this is no secret but I LOVE myself a roleplay. I think it is the perfect mix of cornyness and sexyness. In my book, sex should be fun and the second best thing in the world is playing dress up. Why not mix the two? I own a collection of sexy costumes and can ''light cosplay'' other characters with lingerie and accessories. Here are a non-exhaustive list of costumes that I own: Comic Books Raven (Teen Titans), Harley Quinn (DC) , Wonder Woman (DC), Catwoman (DC), Poison Ivy (DC) Classics Nurse, Cop, Schoolgirl, Prisonner, Pirate, Succubus (devil), Angel Others Witch, Vampire, Cat, Zero Suit Samus, Sailor Venus, Cowgirl, Mad Scientist, Disney Princesses (Snow White, Little Mermaid, Anna and Cinderella)
  • What do you do with my ID?
    Nothing. This is only useful if you turn up to be dangerous or violent. Sending me your ID is your way to show me you are confident that I will not have to use it. I destroy everything after a couple of months.
  • Will I catch an STI if I sleep with an escort?
    You know what, you can catch an STI by having sex with anyone. The difference with I or my colleagues is that our sexual health is one of our main concerns and we get test quite often. Personally, I get test every three months and I do not work when I am sick (like I have a cold or something). I might have allergies, tho! But this is not contagious ;) Some tips to be safer during our time together is to use a condom or dental dam for oral, gloves for touching and condom for penetration. Of course, the last one is always mandatory.
  • Is your incall space discreet?
    It is located in a big buildings with lots of floors. People don't know each others and you will not look suspicious at all. It's basically like an hotel without a front desk! Just don't hang in front of the door and only ring when I told to do it. Walk directly to my door, talk to no one and we will be all good.
  • Are you willing to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?
    Yes. I can sign something like that. However, I'll sign it with my escort name. I guess you'll have to trust that I do not have anything to gain in talking about my clientele except hurting my own reputation in this industry.
  • I recognize you from XYZ in your ''normal'' life... hehe
    Hey :) I ask that you keep this for yourself. I do not want to know about it, it only makes me uncomfortable. Please understand that I am a complex human being with different passions and occupations. I will not doxx you to your family, friends or work, I expect that you do the same. I assure you that I am proud to be who I am and to do what I do. However, the world can be quite cruel against what they do not understand and my job has one hell of a reputation.
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