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Ready to meet?


During our time together, please listen to my instructions and boundaries. The more comfortable I am with you, the more generous I'll be. Keep that in mind. 

Shower and general hygiene.

I'll ask you to shower when you arrive (incall) or to have shower just before I arrive (outcall)

Even if you feel like you're all clean, please take a moment to freshen up. Arguing about this is a big no-no. 

Leave the envelope on the counter where I can see it at the beginning of the session.

Do not talk to me about other service providers except if it's to arrange a duo, I do not enjoy gossip.

Please be sure to arrive a bit early on our date and to be ready to leave on time. I am not a ''clock watcher'' but I do share my incall space with others and it would put me in a very uncomfortable situation if you overstayed your welcome too much.

You can ask me to extend our time together during a session and I'll let you know if it's possible. It is not always the case but I'll try my best to accommodate you!


How to introduce yourself

If all of that sounds logical to you, please be aware that I receive some very weird and implete e-mails. I will not answer rude or incomplete e-mails, I respect my time as much as I respect yours. I have decided to help by providing everything you need to send me a proper, complete inquiry so that we can focus on the fun part of our time together.

La main sur un ordinateur portable


I need your full name and don't be shy to tell me a bit about why you chose to send me an e-mail.

Blog voyages


If we never met, I will ask a reference of a provider you saw recently -or- a photo ID



Type of session, duration and other details about the experience you seek.

des dollars


For new lovers, I ask for a deposit of 50$ per hour of booking. This can be sent by e-transfer or on my wishlist via credit card.

Image de Brooke Lark

Où et quand?

Incall or outcall. If outcall, where is it (address). When: please give me a few availabilities.

Lire un livre

Bonne lecture

Please read my whole website and visit the FAQ if you have any question before addressing them to me: Here.

À bientôt

I can't wait to meet you.



450-231-9404 (text only)

Thank you! I will get back to you ASAP

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