Ready to meet?


During our time together, please listen to my instructions and boundaries. The more comfortable I am with you, the more generous I'll be. Keep that in mind. We're both consenting adults enjoying life.

Shower and general hygiene.

I'll ask you to shower when you arrive (incall) or to have shower just before I arrive (outcall)

Even if you feel like you're all clean, please take a moment to freshen up. Arguing about this is a big no-no. 

Leave the envelope on the counter where I can see it at the beginning of the session.

Do not talk to me about other service providers except if it's to arrange a duo, I do not enjoy gossip.

Do talk to me about your likes and dislikes, communicate what you want and what you need during our session. It is your special moment! 

Please be sure to arrive a bit early on our date and to be ready to leave on time. I am not a ''clock watcher'' but I do share my incall space with others and it would put me in a very uncomfortable situation if you overstayed your welcome too much.

You can ask me to extend our time together and I can accommodate you, it will be my pleasure to spend more time with you under the sheets!


Please send me all needed information when contacting me:

  1. Your full name

  2. Your available times for meeting me (no same day booking)

  3. The length of the desired session

  4. Screening (choose 1 option):
    Name of your reference (another companion you saw)
    a picture of your face and ID.


If you want me to host you or do you want me to meet you somewhere.

(I only visit known friends at their home, new friends must host me at hotels)

This email is our first contact together, try to make a good impression! I will not answer any message I find disrespectful.

I'll come back to you soon!