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Are you looking for something special?

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Social dates

Are you looking for a companion during an event, you want to go on a romantic dinner but don't have anybody to bring with you? Do you need a partner for some adventure you're dying to experience? I don't want to get ahead of myself but I think of myself as a pretty cool partner in crime!


This kind of session only includes social activities, there is no physical intimacy included in this donation.

1 hour


Minimum 2 hours

Now, if you are looking to mix fun-fun with sexy-fun, look below and discover my sparkling offers. Not only are they super exciting, they are advantageous for you money-wise!

The dinner date

A classic!


5 hours, including dinner at a restaurant of your choice and intimacy.

Usually 2.5 hours dinner and 2.5 hours intimacy.

The sleepover



14 hours, I love sleepover! This experience will make us closer, we will have time to connect and learn a lot about each others. I'll have videogames and board games at our disposal. This package also includes breakfast, which I'll gladly cook for you (pancakes!!). 

E-girl experience



2,5 hours. 1 hour video game + 1.5 hours intimacy. Video games are a great way to break the ice! I'm your perfect gamer girlfriend and I'll kick your ass at Mario Kart, hehe!


The escapade

Not a worry in the world


38 hours. Let's rent a Airbnb, a chalet or a suite at the hotel then anything we want to do is at our fingertips! I could even be your tour guide in Montreal! I know where to find secret bars ✨

Spa day!

Bring me to your favorite spa!


5 hours. We must take a meal during this time, it also includes our traveling time and all activities. Social only. Possibility to add 250 for 60 minutes intimacy at our preferred moment during the day.

A snack

Slurp slurp


1 hour. Are you on a budget? This is my lower intimacy rate! It only includes DATY, kisses and cuddles.

Seasonal special:
The brunch



90 min of fun and then we go to brunch at a restaurant near my place. This special is pretty much the best one I ever did, haha, I really want to eat brunch.

My online services

I might not be the most consistent poster on my Onlyfans,

I do however post only things that I found sexy and fun.

You will see genuine pleasure and help me have a bit of

money between adventures. I also do custom content. :)

My wishlist


I will be honest, money gifts are more appreciated than gifts.

Why? Because I am an adult with debts. I'm sure you know

the drill! But if you really want to give me something that

I will be happy to have, here is a gift list :)

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