Lucius Sparkles

Lucius is my real-life partner. He's the only person I am comfortable playing the submissive role with. This means that if you had the fantasy to play a Dominant role with little me, it will only happens if he is there. 

Lucius is a very open-minded, funny, smart and respectful man in his early thirties. He takes great care of his appearance and will gladly offer his Domination or BFE (boy friend experience) services. 

We can also be a quite dangerous Domination duo.

800 for 90 minutes
+50 if you want me to be submissive

Audrey Moon

Do you crave the expertise touch of two Domminatrix that just LOVE their art? Audrey and I have known each others for a few years now and we share the same sadism hidden in a velvet glove. 

Audrey is mystical, mysterious, sensual and such an interesting human being. She always fascinated me and I'm certain she will obsess you for weeks, even months, after your first glance. 


1000 for 90 minutes


Raven Onyx

Raven is so smart and fun to have long conversations with! If you feel like hanging out with someone, you should absolutely check her out and book us together for a truly intimate GFE (but also... human?) experience. 

You know what's amazing?? She is into cosplay and roleplay! I'm sure you have one or two ideas of scenarios you'd like to play out with us. 

1000 for 2 hours

Camille Haring

I've had a crush on Camille since I'm in the industry, so that would be a good five years of drooling in front of her pictures on Twitter. We are now good friends and our complicity will certainly put you at ease.

What's more sexy than two perverts in awe with each others? 

Camille is also a wonderful Dominatrix and we can offer both GFE and domination together. 


700 for 60 minutes GFE
800 for 60 minutes (BDSM)

Eda blackwood

Eda is your metalhead with a big heart girlfriend.  We have great chemistry and it will be a waste to not use it for naughty things! 

Eda will mesmerize you if you're looking for a passionate, sexy and witty companion. A true gem in the city, I am proud to have her as a duo partner!


700 for 60 minutes