Your new partner in crime

I'm so glad you found me, mon amour!


My name is Rosie Sparkles, I'm a 25 y/o professional companion from Montreal. I speak french and english fluently. I have a university bachelor degree and working on my second one. Our arrangements will help me make my dreams come true and I'm very happy to be choosing this line of work for 4 wonderful years now. I am highly reviewed and renown in the sex work community, you can see by yourself that I'm ''real'' and that you can absolutely trust me with your fantasies. I am also very active on my twitter page if you'd like to know a bit more about my wits and I write on Medium about sex work in general. 

My services are more of a relationship than a one time fling, I am in a place in my professional life where I'm pretty selective with my clientele and I'm looking into making real connections during our time together. I am looking to be spoiled, treated with dignity and affection. You will see this reflected in how my rates and services are built. 

My interests and passions are as diverse as they are plurial. I love to draw, paint, sing, cook, play video games, dungeons and dragons, comedy, theater, music, politics, cinema and writing. I am a curious person, eager to share and to learn from other human beings. I am also a very ambitious young woman that likes the finest things in life. 

Let's get this out of the way.

I am always taking great care of my appearance during our meetings, I have perfect hygiene and spend great efforts in making sure my nails and hair are done when you'll meet me. I know that physical attraction is very important in the choice of provider you will make. After all, we both know we are speaking about intimacy and you absolutely need to be comfortable with what I look like before making an appointment with you. This is why those informations are up to date and as honest as could be. 

Eyes: Blue

Hair: A bit above the shoulders, blonde

Body type: Hourglass

Height: 5''2, 157 cm

Breast: 38D

Shoe size: 7 1/2

Clothing size: M

Sign: Scorpio

Body hair: Shaved

Tattoos: A few

Piercing: None

Perfume: None

Glasses: Sometimes


Learn more about me


Everyone deserves to be cared for

I have clients of all genders and ability.


Now that I am vaccinated, I feel a bit more comfortable offering in person services. 

A night in paradise

14 hours long date. 


Breakfast and Dinner together.

We'll get... real close. 

2000 roses

Every relationship is unique and we'll talk about your needs and desires to tailor the experience for you.

Just a fling

We'll make the best of the time we have.

Please understand that this is not 100% action time.

I still value intimacy, we are here to have fun together. Trust me, it will be an amazing adventure.

starting at 500 roses/2 hours

Every relationship is unique and we'll talk about your needs and desires to tailor the experience for you.

The exclusive

Do you want me all for yourself? I will not see anybody else than you. You will have all my attention. Let's talk about the duration and what you had in mind. 

Every relationship is unique and we'll talk about your needs and desires to tailor the experience for you.


My Kinky side

A skilled mastermind

I have several years of experience as a dominatrix. Here are some activities I am particularly skilled at:

- Roleplay (D/s)
- Bondage
- Impact play
- Sensory deprivation
- Anal training (on you)
- Pet Play, ABDL
- Fire Play, Wax Play, Electric Play

starting at 550 roses/2 hours


I do offer different roleplays and I'm open in fulfilling your fantasies. However, I do not take the ''submissive'' role anymore. Please contact another provider if this is your desire. 

starting at 600 roses/2 hours


Please arrive sober to our meeting and move the meeting if you feel under the weather. I will ask you to take a shower when you arrive and will have taken one just before you arrived. I take great care of my personnal hygiene and I expect the same from you. 

When you send me an introduction mail to take an appointment, please state your complete real name and give me a reference of a provider you saw recently. If you never saw a provider before, please submit the link to one of your social media or a clear picture of an ID. This is for my safety, you'll understand that your privacy is a priority for me and that my discretion is important for my reputation in this industry. Therefore, your informations are safe with me. 

Do not send me a detailed list of things you want us to do together, let's keep our online conversations discreet as well. Note that all usual services are available. 

I ask that you do not seek to find my real identity or contact me under false informations. It's a real turn off .