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Rosie Sparkles

Who am I ?

The expertise

I'm specialized in couples, women, queer clients and a multitude of kinks. I'm always prepared for foot fetishes, domination and roleplays.

The care

Clear communication and consent makes for a perfect hot time! We will talk about what we like and what our limits are during our first meeting.

The love

I love what I do and I love my clients. Underneath all the kinks, I'm an adorable girl that loves to cuddle more than anything in the world!


Literature. movies, Dungeon and Dragons... I'm a real geek! If you like to talk about those subjects or you have something to teach me, I'll be in awe!


24 y/o - 5''2 -135lbs - 38DD - non smoker - Fr/En

Tattoos (a few) - no piercing - colored hair (changing often)

Student born and raised in Montreal. Light hearted, loves her job and laugh a lot while doing it.

Imagine intimacy being light, being fun and being comfortable. Imagine a friend with whom you can be yourself, with whom you can talk about your silly fantasies, your insecurities and whom will welcome you with a smile and a hug. That's me I just describe. At least that's who I try to be. My main concern is always for you to feel at ease and safe when you're with me. I will love you for the time we have together, you will become the most important person in the world for a short escape or maybe we will begin an adventure that will last years. I will always be honest and communicate what I want, that's what I expect from you too. Communication is so sexy and after all, we are here to give eachother pleasure. I absolutely love longer appointments to build complicity but I also enjoy our small lust bubbles. I am well educated, well spoken, a real nerd and my nature is to be curious about all humans. Speak about your passions, that's a turn on!

I do not discriminate gender, skin color or (dis)abilities. 



Cuddles session

No sexuality, no nudity. 


Domination/ kinks

Rate will vary depending on complexity of the kink/ efforts. (starts at 300)

Women identifying clients


Rosie's sex shop

Dirty panties: 30$ each

Pussypop: 20$ each

Couples: Add 100$ to my rates

First hour: 300$ 

Additionnal hour: 250$


Half hours: 200$


12 hours of fun (day): 1800$

12 hours (overnight): 1500$


Social time: 80$-100$/h depending on the activity


my rate+the rate of my duo partner.

Tantric massages

150/h (max 2 hours)

+50 for happy ending ! (hands and boobjobs only)

My rate for longer appointments is lower than my hourly rate. Contact me to plan an adventure! I am passport ready!


L'amour à Montréal

Date packages

There's something real fun in spending time together before intimacy. It can be anything, I'm quite open minded! But here are some ideas I put together! As you can see, my rate is very lower than my hourly rates as I prefer longer dates. That's why you shouldn't be shy to suggest something to me!! 

Dinner date experience: Dinner at one of my favorite restaurants + 2 hours of intimacy (700$ for a total of approx. 4 hours date)

Gamer girl experience: 2 hours of video games with snacks + 2 hours of intimacy (650$ for approx. 4 hours date at my incall)

Pokemon GO adventure: 1 hours of Pokemon GO outdoors + 1 hour intimacy (350$)

Deluxe Rosie experience: Dinner at one of my favorite restaurants + 2 hours intimacy + a movie with cuddles (850$ for approx. 6 hours date)


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