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you freaks!

Who am I ?



I love to tease, seduce and  laugh during encounters. With me, you can be your own dorky self, we are here to have fun aren't we?


At the start of each session I'll ask you what are your limits, what you like and I'll tell you mines. Clear communication is the key of good sex!


I offer regular GFE and love it! But I'm also quite the kinky minx if that's something you want to explore! Contact me for more details!


Literature. movies, Dungeon and Dragons... I'm a real geek! If you like to talk about those subjects or you have something to teach me, I'll be in awe!


23 y/o - 5''2 -135lbs - 38DD - non smoker - Fr/En

I consider myself a best (fuck) friend to hire more than simply someone you contact to have sex with. I want to connect with my lovers, learn a bit about another human being while we have mutual pleasure. Yeah I'm hot, I could talk about my body but the pictures tell you all you need to know about my physique. What's interesting for you is to know that I'm a bit of a nerd, a geek for video games, arts and littérature. I'm well spoken and educated. I love to play, I'm a playful little lover and laugh a lot during encounters. I can also provide kinks depending of the nature of it. Take note that I'm more of the dominant side of the spectrum in a BDSM context but that doesn't stop me from being playful and tender in any scenarios. Please understand that if I'm promoting my kinky services, that doesn't take away my aptitude to offer GFE in a more casual setting!

I do not discriminate gender, skin color or abilities. If you're an adult, I can meet you!



Cuddles session

No sexuality, no nudity. 


Domination/ kinks

Rate will vary depending on complexity of the kink/ efforts. (starts at 300)

Women identifying clients

First hour: 150$

Additionnal hour: 100$

Rosie's sex shop

Dirty panties: 30$ each

Pussypop: 20$ each

First hour: 300$ 

Additionnal hour: 250$


Half hours: 200$


12 hours of fun (day): 1800$

12 hours (overnight): 1500$


Social time: 80$-100$ depending on the activity


my rate+the rate of my duo partner.

Tantric massages

180/h (max 2 hours)

+50 for happy ending !

Contact me for longer appointments


L'amour à Montréal

Everywhere else

I do not travel often but when I do, I will try to meet with some gentlemen and ladies for some sexy times. My rates will vary depending of the place I am. Please follow my twitter account to know where I'll be next. You can also look at my schedule page on my website to see my travel agenda. 

I am passport ready if you want to fly me to you. 


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