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21+ Mature content.

I see clients of all skin color, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, gender, economical situation, body type or ability. As long as you are respectful, we will have a blast together.

Please read my website carefully before contacting me, this will accelerate the booking process.

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She is very sweet and makes you feel like you've known her since forever.If you're like me and likes nerd/geek things she's a must, she got a lot of knowledge on everything in these matters.She got very beautiful boobs but her whole body is just awesome. Very nice hips and ass too. A very nice little package. She gave me the best GFE I ever had.20/10 on everything you can find on her! 

MERB member/ Review

Everything is easy and natural with her and she really knows how to make someone feel good while providing an memorable awesome session. She is smart, sexy, caring, versatile and has a lot of experience, I had a lot of fun talking to her.

MERB member/ Review

She's very outgoing and can have a wicked sense of humor, which I misinterpreted as unapproachable. She's quite the opposite; Rosie is very open and caring, you'll see...She greets me like an old friend with a wide smile and a big hug. 

MERB member/ Review

i had the chance to meet with the sweet Rosie also. She is a sweetheart and there is something develish about her personnality. She likes to role play and i believe she loves that. I went more in the way of GFE, like a fantasy she played the roles delightly. She's fun to be with and has some expertise about sex, go ahead quiz her, it's fun. I would agree with her eyes, they are gorgeous, she is my body type and attitude: she is a naturel giver, play with her hard or soft i think she enjoys new experiences and will play just about any game. Take good care of her.

MERB member/ Review

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Qui suis-je?

Je parle français and I speak english.

Character-wise, I am pretty complex as is any human being. I am a goof ball with a heart of gold, trying my best to help my peers and give back to my communities. I am an artist, I love to draw, paint, write, sing, act, dance... I am pretty versatile and curious as you can see!

In my free times, I play video games, board games and watch movies. I'm a huge geek, always had. I'm repeating myself but my main quality is absolutely my curiosity and my willingness to try everything once. My only criteria is that it doesn't hurt anyone!

I'm vegetarian and love chatting over a delicious meal and a cocktail. I can be your +1 as an event, your touristic guide for your Montreal trip or your lover for a night. 

STATS (If that's somewhat important for you)

Eyes: Blue

Ethnicity: White, Quebecoise

Hair: Long Colored. Currently blonde 

Body type: Curvy, hourglass, healthy

Body mods: Nose piercing and a few tattoos

Height: 5''2

Perfume: Sakura (Lush)

Body hair: Shaved or very short trim



If you are on my website, it certainly is because you are looking for someone with whom you'll feel comfortable exploring your intimacy, sharing your deepest fantasies and spending quality time.


I've been in the industry for a few years now and I proud myself with a sparkling reputation for being a reliable ''amie avec bénéfices''.


In fact, this is precisely what spending time with me will feel like. It will be like spending time with a long time friend, lover, a partner in crime.

I thrive to make you feel at home in my arms.


After meeting me, I can guarantee you'll think

''holy shit, that is what being alive is.

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